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Enjoy RedByrd coffee at home! 


12 oz Bag: $15/$17


New - BlueByrd Espresso: Rich and Complex, Dark Chocolate with Blueberry Notes, Light


New - Kyle's Blend: Fragrant, mild acidity, pleasant sweetness; You can please all of the people all of the time, Medium Roast Costa Rican


NEST: Our House Blend, full bodied with rich chocolate notes, Medium Dark


Espresso Red: Our Signature Espresso, winey, citrus, dark chocolate notes, Medium Blend


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Medium roast, excellent in a pour over, chemix, or French Press


BlackByrd: Dark and complex blend with character. This Byrd is Big!


AfricanByrd: Our darkest blend: Three African Bean Blend roasted to perfection!

RedByrd Whole Bean Coffee

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