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Kyle Samuel Brooks

Finding Joy, Vol. 1

Joy and possibility...two words that summarize Kyle Samuel Brooks' brand of positive Americana / Country. 


Kyle's musical journey began at the age of two when he would often be found on the front porch on his trusty rocking horse singing “Jingle Bells.” When not outside on the porch, Kyle could be found in the kitchen working on his next musical endeavor, the drums, banging on pots and pans from the bottom cupboard.  

By the end of high school, Kyle had become an award-winning drummer and percussionist scoring a full scholarship to the local university near his home town in Maine. Before leaving for college, Kyle sold his gold sparkle Slingerland drum kit and picked up the guitar. He likes to say that James Taylor taught him how to play, although James is unaware of his contribution to this day! 

Kyle experienced Music City for the first time while attending a business conference during CMA week. The experience was so overwhelming, he thought his heart would explode! One year later, Kyle moved to Nashville with a dream of becoming a marketable writer. With the assistance of some of the best writers in town, he raised his writing to a new level and started performing at popular writers’ rounds in and around Nashville. 

In 2013 Kyle married bluegrass singer Sadie Shaw, who introduced him to Mark Elliott. Mark had recorded her CD “Little Maggie Mae” in 2009. Kyle met with Mark and knew he'd found the right place to record his debut project, Finding Joy, Vol. 1. 

RedByrd Records Logo Main-01.png
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