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a little about me


I grew up in a small town in Northern California, not knowing what my future would look like but I was very clear about one thing; I loved music! I loved to sing and spent many hours of my adolescent life devouring music. I listened to songs that ranged from my parents era to songs my older siblings played. I loved to sing and enjoyed performing even more.


Naturally in College I was a music major, voice emphasis. When I discovered Opera my first semester I thought I had found my pot of Gold! I had no idea Opera would become my thing. Fast forward several (ahem) years, now I am a recovered Opera Singer (High Soprano) gone bluegrass, gone…well MIA.  

I discovered coffee back in College and perfected my discerning taste for it while living in San Francisco. I just loved all the artsy, wooden-floored coffee shops that sprinkled the neighborhoods. There was something about hanging out with friends over a cup of coffee in a cozy coffeeshop that made me feel safe and ok to be myself. We’d do homework, creative writing and thinking; oh the fun we had getting into our philosophical discussions!

So when I woke up one morning (literally from a dream) with this full-fledged idea of owning and operating a coffee shop, I knew exactly the environment I wanted to create in my coffee shop.  Many years later, my dream continued to grow and The RedByrd took flight! I’ve had many adventures and traveled to many cities and towns looking for the perfect place to set up shop and taste the perfect cup of coffee (hey someone had to do it.) So how did I come up with the name for my coffeeshop? (“Redbird, Redbird sittin’ on a leaf”…)

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