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The RedByrd Name

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The name of my coffee shop came to me as a song at first. A joyful song that inspired me to pack-up and move my life and belongings to Nashville TN, where I knew no one. My previous musical experience was leaving me to want for something different. I mean I loved and adored singing Opera and musical theater, but I started to feel out of place, like something was missing. Well, I found that something in Bluegrass music. Listening to it took my breath away and made me well, smile again. I mean Bluegrass is really just a poor man’s version of Opera, right?  There’s lots of drama, jealousy, many songs have tragic endings, and the harmonies can be just as breathtaking.


As I dove into my new genre, one particular song caught my ear. The song was ‘Redbird’ written by Jim Lauderdale and Shawn Camp. The recording I heard was performed by Jim Lauderdale and the late, great Dr. Ralph Stanley. Discovering this song, breathed new life into me, and brightened my days, giving me the courage to take the leap to a new place and musical genre. Thanks guys! The cardinal has really become a totem in my life, and so I only thought it the perfect name for my joy filled Coffee Shop, ‘RedByrd’. Now, I see red birds everywhere! “ Won’t you twist your head around and talk some more to me?”

Redbird - Sadie Shaw - Little Maggie Mae

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