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Team RedByrd

It's almost here, I'm so excited! The past few weeks my husband and I got to help out on the tiny build, can you say fun Tiny size? It's actually quite Big!! ;)

The upcoming weeks are all about training the new Barista team Redbyrd style.

We had only the best trainer from the Bellissimo American Barista College in Portland Oregon in town to 'learn' us all how to be awesome Baristas! Can you say Safety Dance?

We had so much fun getting "jiggy" with with the espresso machines, hopefully we are better than Chip Gaines and his tool belt dance, that was pretty 'jiggy"!

To make sure of this, we are planning more training in the next few weeks to perfect that espresso and steaming milk combo, and did someone ask for French Press? What in the sam tarnation is that? Well, at The RedByrd Coffee Shop we hope to feature some of our coffees French Press style until they've all been drank up...ahhh...delicious!

Stay tuned for more "jiggy" fun from The RedByrd....

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