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Six weeks in! Next stop: Round Top!

Well, well, well….the water has broken and the baby has been birthed!! It’s a brand new Baby, ahem, Tiny House Coffee Shop!!!

Now in it’s 6th week, it’s starting to make some noise around town, even started to crawl! Ha! It’s been fun meeting the neighbors, all 653 folks who live in the Village, give or take a few, and our new friends from Franklin to Fly, and beyond!! Like a mom to be in Germany, can you say Decaf, Almond Milk Papa Mocha!? ;)

What a wonderful first few weeks it’s been, and it’s getting better every day!

We created this Coffee Shop for fun and adventure, I mean our motto is , “It’s all about Joy!” So, we are heading out on our very first adventure, selling our Cup of Joy in Round Top, Texas. Twice a year Round Top is host to a week long Antique Fair and Market that sprawls the neighboring towns and villages, and we’ve been invited to hang our coffee hat up at the place that started it all, The Big Red Barn in Carmine, Texas. From April 2-7th we will be caffeinating the “Junkers”, I say that with the utmost respect, I love browsing myself. So if you are looking for a Spring fling, fun road trip, come along with us, and find out how we keep the “vintage collectors” caffeinated, one Joyful cup at a time!!!

Follow us on-line as we travel, and keep all the “Junkers” caffeinated!

See ya at the The Redbyrd, your cup of joy is waiting!



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