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The RedByrd is a coffeeshop community of inclusion, a place to be creative and most importantly, be yourself. Yes, you heard right, a place to go to “be yourself”, because as the poet Oscar Wilde said, ..”everyone else is already taken”.  How will The RedByrd do this? Through the kindness of an everyday interaction, a smile, positive word, creative classes, poetry, book readings and MUSIC, lots and lots of music. You’ll have a great cup of coffee and the opportunity to discover YOU. Be the best you you never knew you could be. Release that voice inside you that keeps saying “someday” and feel the power of JOY! Joy is our birthright to experience every day, always and in all ways. (Remember when you were a child, discovering the world through eyes of wonder?) 

The RedByrd Coffee Shop is here to share our joy with you, in every cup of coffee (locally roasted)! 

Joyfully Yours, 

Sadie Shaw-Brooks (Owner)

Want to learn more? Check out our interviews with Williamson Source! Click the links below to watch. 

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